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The Systems Approach to Natural Health

Like notes in a musical score, the body systems---circulatory, intestinal, immune, etc.---must all work in harmony to be fully functional.  When a concern in one system arises, other body systems are affected.  Total health is an issue of maintaining balance between all body systems so they can work together like a well-crafted symphony.

The majority of Nature's Sunshine's products are categorized in nine body systems Echinacea Plant-Supports the immune system & helps maintain health to allow you to easily select the products that will help you achieve your personal health goals.  This Lifestyle Analysis will help you target your body systems most in need of nutritional supplementation.

Lifestyle Analysis - What is Your Health Profile?

Please check appropriate box

Lack of energy 
Frequent illness
Body odor and/or bad breath
Difficulty in digesting certain foods
Frequent consumption of red meat
Monthly female concerns
Frequent use of antibiotics
Heavy alcohol consumption
Frequent mood swings
Food allergies
Bags under eyes
Poor concentration or memory
Poor resistance to disease
Belching or gas after meals
Stressful lifestyle
Skin/complexion problems
Cravings for sweets/processed foods
Regular consumption of dairy products
Feeling low, uninterested/ depressed
Too little sleep or restless sleep
Menopausal concerns
Frequent urinary concerns
Hair loss
Sore or painful joints
Difficulty in maintaining weight
Low endurance during activity
Poor eating habits
Slow recovery from illness
Irregular/infrequent bowel activity
Lack of appetite
Low sex drive
Brittle or easily broken fingernails
Dry, damaged or dull hair
High-fat diet
Unsettled, apprehensive, pressured
Low-fiber diet
Muscle cramps
Exposure to air pollution
Heavy caffeine consumption
Feeling out of control
Food/chemical sensitivities
Problems with yeast/fungus
Structural weakness
Excessive worry
Easily irritated/angered
Too little exercise
Excessive mucus

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