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Glandular & Circulatory SystemsProper nutrition plays a major role in achieving and maintaining good health.  If the body's interdependent systems aren't supplied with the necessary nutrients, they can't perform their functions--and the whole body may suffer as a result.




Because of the specialized nature of each cell, nutritional needs may be different depending on the cell's activities.  For example, the structuralRespiratory, Urinary, Nervous & Digestive Systemsal system needs more silica and calcium, while the kidneys' filtering system requires more sodium and potassium.




Intestinal & Structural SystemsThe average modern diet, with its reliance on processed convenience foods, is often grossly lacking in essential nutrients.  But most people today aren't willing or able to structure their busy lifestyle around the preparation of healthful foods.



How can we be sure each system of the body is getting the crucial nutrients it needs?  Nature's Sunshine has the simple answer: 14 key products designed to provide nutrients that must be present for the proper function of each body system.
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